Google Street View leads to divorce after man spots wife cuddling stranger

A man most likely just looking for directions on Google Street View instead stumbled upon his wife petting the hair of another man.

But before you start searching every town your beau has claimed to visit during your relationship to catch him or her cheating, please take note that many images captured on Google Street View are years old.

The woman in the case was snapped in 2013, however, it was while she was still married to her former husband.

A man reportedly divorced his wife after seeing her cheating on Google Street View. (Photo: Google Maps)

Could you imagine a more awkward situation? Poor guy was probably lost and looking up where to go, and then he found out he’d lost his wife to another man.

He’ll never be able to search for directions again.

According to the Epoch Times, the man was looking around his neighborhood in Lima, Peru, when he spotted a familiar hairstyle.

When he zoomed in on a canoodling couple, he realized that the clothes were the same as his wife’s.

A couple was caught canoodling on Google Street View by an eagle-eyed husband. (Photo: Google)

According to some South American reports, after the man confirmed that the woman with another man’s head in her lap was his wife, he divorced her.

The Sun reports that the betrayed man shared the photos on his Facebook page but does not include a link to the source.

AMP reports that the pictures shared on his Facebook page confirmed his friends’ suspicions that his wife was cheating on him after they saw her walking with another man.

Cheaters should be wary of any passing Google camera car or, you know, don’t cheat.

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