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NordVPN two-year plans are up to 68 percent off right now

You also get three free months when you sign up.


Virtual private networks (VPNs) continue to increase in popularity, and one of the most famous services is offering a great deal to entice new customers. NordVPN is selling two-year subscription plans for up to 68 percent off, depending on which tier you go with. You also get three free months of service when you sign up, which is never a bad thing.

Here’s how the deal breaks down. The company’s Standard plan is 62 percent off, costing $108 for two years, while the Advanced plan is 68 percent off, coming in at $140 for two years. The Standard plan is likely the best option for average consumers, unless you run a crypto mining farm in your basement or something. This plan gives you access to the VPN itself for secure browsing in addition to ad-trackers, ad-blockers, malware protection software, a file-sharing service and a dark web monitor.

NordVPN subscriptions on sale. 

$140 at NordVPN

The Advanced plan is for power users and includes all of the above plus access to a dedicated and permanent IP address you can use when browsing. The fluctuating IP address available with the Standard plan is fine for most people, but using a static IP address is good when pursuing online activities that demand higher security, like online banking or remotely accessing sensitive data.

NordVPN just missed our list of best virtual private networks, due to a higher-than-average price point, so this deal certainly solves that problem. The company's generally considered to be solid, with well-performing networks and an active customer service arm. There’s a reason NordVPN's been around since 2012, which is an eternity in the volatile VPN industry.

If you aren’t even sure what you would need a VPN for, they are actually quite useful for those who spend a lot of time online. These services are nearly-mandatory if you often access public Wi-Fi, to protect from nefarious cybercriminals. VPNs also work to block malicious sites and help keep your personal data private. Finally, they let you pretend you are in other locations, allowing you to access your favorite streaming platforms when, say, traveling abroad.