These godparents made the greatest possible entrance to the hospital to meet their godchild

It’s an honor and privilege to be asked to be the godparent of your friends’ new baby, and a couple of newly appointed godparents made a “fairly” good effort to be punny on the big day when they got to meet their grandchild.

Let’s be honest. It wasn’t a “fairly” good effort, it was an incredible effort, and it gets 5 stars on the punny joke rating. In this viral TikTok from “Brit Nay Nay,” the fairy godparents in this video weren’t “fairy” godparents, but “fairly” GODparents, with a nod to the Nickelodeon show, The Fairly OddParents.  

The Fairly OddParents entered the hospital room dressed as the characters from our childhood show, Wanda and Cosmo, complete with dyed hair, crowns, and star wands. It was magnificent, especially when played along with the theme song to the show.

According to Brit, the costumes were totally DIY, saying in the comments that the wings were foam board, and they used stretch elastic hot-glued to the wings to put their arms through.

The Fairly OddParents premiered in March of 2001, and as one commenter stated on the video, “Just wild to think that we’re the new adults…” And she isn’t wrong. How are we all adults now?

Thankfully, we still have a sense of humor and have all the nostalgic feels for our childhood shows, and we can incorporate them into the adult things we do now—like becoming parents and godparents.

The parents’ choice of godparents in this situation was totally the best choice. One commenter on the video said, “All the reassurance you needed. You picked the right people.” Another said, “They won best godparents award.” Even labor and delivery nurses would’ve loved this cosplay, as evidenced by the comment, “This would have made my LIFE as a postpartum nurse. I love this so much!”

But now the heat is on for all you future godparents out there because many other commenters said they now expect no less from their future godparents of their children.