Would you go this far to get the perfect Instagram?

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

In recent years the phrase “do it for the Instagram” certainly has become popular amongst some millennial folk (myself included).

We’re all obsessed with showing off our travels, brunches and nights out on Instagram stories, and always aim to get the perfect filtered-but-not-so-filtered shot for our grids.

Because, let’s face it, you’ve got to post it on your various social media accounts or it didn’t happen – right?

But have you ever thought just how far you would go to get that perfect Instagram shot for your grid?

Well, Fujifilm has just created the ultimate getaway for all avid Instagrammer – a private island off the coast of the main island of Fiji, totally devoted to getting the perfect shot for social media.

Dubbed ‘Fuji Island’, the scenic getaway truly is the place for you to be able to live out your dream of being a #TravelInstagramStar.

Even better, this private island is celebrity-approved. It’s previously played hosts to the likes of Pink and Paris Hilton and we can understand why.

Hello, paradise. Source: Supplied

The island is approximately an hour boat ride off the coast of the main island of Fiji, or if you’re feeling extra boujee you can take a helicopter ride from Nadi Airport (Yes, the island has its own helipad).

Along with a luxe villa on the private island, you get nine staff members to ensure you have the absolute best stay. This includes a private chef to prepare all your gourmet meals. And this means you’ll have the travel and food boxes for your Instagram checked. Win, win, win.

And, of course, there are plenty of activities including taking a dip in the incredible infinity pool, an array of water sports and an amazing range of spa treatments.

We’ll take five of those cocktails right in this spot, please. Source: Supplied
Fuji Island really is the ultimate place for getting the perfect Instagram shot. Source: Supplied

To make sure you capture the perfect Instagram shot, Fujifilm also provide the best of the best in photography equipment, including their brand new X-T3 mirrorless digital camera.

Of course, all of this comes at a price. If you decide to take the plunge to stay on Fuji Island it’ll set you back $3100 ($2200 USD), and it’s a minimum of two nights stay.

On the island you get free-reign of the best and latest photography gear from Fujifilm including their brand new X-T3 mirrorless digital camera. Source: Supplied

But it could be the perfect group getaway for families or friends (the island can host up to eight people) or an amazing place for a pair of newlyweds on to stay on their honeymoon.

This once in a lifetime Instagram experience is only available until December 7, 2018, so get booking if this sounds like something you want to tick off your bucket list.

This reporter was invited to Fiji on behalf of Fujifilm.

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