'GMA’s Ginger Zee Shuts Down Body Comment As Fans Rally Behind Her

Ginger Zee is advocating for all different bodies after someone online took it upon themselves to comment on how a body part looked in one of her recent photos.

The Good Morning America personality took to Instagram on Tuesday, July 9 to refute some unwarranted "judgement" following a picture that drew attention to the shape of her thigh.

The original photo in question, shared earlier that day, found the meteorologist standing confidently in front of weather forecast screens in the production room of the TV studio, sporting a mint-colored shorts and blazer set with floral ankle strap heels.

Though many commented on her style and "great suit," others directed their attention to her legs, instead, adding notes like, "What's up with the right thigh it looks square.🤔" and inquiring if it was a "photoshop fail??"

Providing a classy clapback to the critiques, Zee followed up with a "live photo" clip, explaining that "every BODY is different."

"Live Photo evidence help you? 😉 as we tell our kids, every BODY is different. We should celebrate that. From this angle, my thigh looks square… ok. That’s me. I think this is a good lesson to share with everyone- every BODY is different and that is beautiful .😉❤️," she captioned the inspiring follow-up post.

The broadcaster also added a set of hashtags to further drive home her point: "#Body #jusgement [sic] #BeKIND #EverybodyIsDifferent #Beautiful."

The comment section was filled with supporters who commended the way she handled the situation, and poured in with their own thoughts.

"It's called a muscle. A good bit of muscle. She works hard to look that good. Love the look Ginger!" one applauded, while another lamented, "One day people will learn to stop commenting on people’s bodies."

"I was more focused on your muscle definition! Badass! 💪," a third admitted, as an additional social media user suggested, "Looks more like a lesson that everybody else should hit the gym! 😂 Don't hate on it, get like it. 💪🏾"

"Someone doesn’t know anatomy. A flexed quad muscle is worth praising 👏👏👏👏," another added, and we can't disagree with that!

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