Parents praise ‘life-changing’ sleep aid Glow Dreaming: ‘Game-changer'

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Glow Dreaming sleep aid red light
The Glow Dreaming sleep aid is a red light, diffuser and humidifier that plays pink noise all night long. Photo: Glow Dreaming

A baby sleep aid has been getting serious praise from parents who have hailed it a “game changer” and “the best thing ever”.

Glow Dreaming is a red night light, pink noise machine, humidifier and diffuser all in one that’s designed to create a relaxing sleep environment to help babies and toddlers fall asleep and stay asleep.

The red night light helps to stimulate the body’s production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, while the pink noise is a deeper alternative to white noise that’s often considered more soothing.

Essential oils can be added to the humidifier to decongest blocked up noses or to help calm and relax, with a built-in timer meaning you can set the scent to run for two, four or ten hours.

The reviews of the $99 product have been nothing short of glowing, with plenty of mums and dads waxing lyrical about the sleep aid.

“I’ve been using Glow Dreaming for one month and on the second night of trying my two year old slept 10 hours straight and has continued to do so,” one parent wrote on Facebook, “We are amazed with the results. It’s changed our lives”.

Glow Dreaming sleep aid with rainbow sleeve
You can purchase separately sold sleeves with different designs, like this rainbow one, as well as essential oils to add to the diffuser. Photo: Glow Dreaming

“I had very difficult twins and was at my wits end by the time they were six months old,” another parent said, “I came across this amazing machine and little did I know it would change my life.”

“[It] made a huge difference to my twins’ sleep. It was soooo good that I went back to order another two. GAME CHANGER.”


Parents of toddlers added that they found it helpful to reduce fear and encourage their little ones to stay in bed when they wake at night, while others have simply described it as the “best thing I have ever bought” and “the best thing ever”.

It can be used from birth, although it’s not recommended you use essential oils around newborns, and there are different volume settings for the pink noise to cater to the needs of different age groups.

$99 at Glow Dreaming

Of course, it’s important to remember that every baby, toddler and child is so individual so sleep deprived parents should be wary about pinning all their hopes on a sleep aid.

Although the Glow Dreaming has helped many families, many others say it hasn’t been a miracle fix for them. One parent said, “It’s helped our two year old daughter to settle down for sleep... but I can’t say it helped keep her asleep. Two weeks later we’re still waking up two to four times a night.”

Another said, “Not helpful at all for my two year old's sleep, but he loves it and it seemed to make him more enthusiastic about bedtime and more willing to 'turn the big light out’.”

Another all-in-one sleep aid on sale

Euky Bear has a very similar product with a red light, aromatherapy humidifier and pink noise player for $80 - currently on sale for $73 at Chemist Warehouse.

The Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid has a few different settings that allows you to choose between eight light colours and a number of noises including a heartbeat sound, waterfall and lullabies.

Euky Bear sleep aid
This sleep aid from Euky Bear is very similar and also plays pink noise, has a red light and works as a diffuser and humidifier. Photo: Euky Bear

Just like the Glow Dreaming, you can add essential oils to be diffused throughout the room and Euky Bear has ‘sniffly nose’, ‘cuddle calm’ and ‘sleepy time’ blends for $20 each.

One reviewer who bought the Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid says, “It does everything the more expensive brands do for almost half the cost! Love the gentle sounds and I think even I have been sleeping better!”

Meanwhile another said, “The red light acts as a soft night night and it has several noise options such as white noise, pink noise, rain, and lullaby. I haven't found that the sleep blend helps my bub to fall asleep any quicker but I love using the snotty noses blend when he has the sniffles, and I definitely find this to help soothe him and help him sleep much better.”

Just after the red light?

All-in-one products are great if you haven’t already got a night light, white noise machine or humidifier, but if you’ve been working on trying to improve your child’s sleep for months or even years, chances are you’ve already tried throwing money at the problem and have all of the above things in one form or another.

An option a few parents have suggested in the Beyond Sleep Training Facebook group is to use a smart light bulb in an existing night light to recreate the red light therapy for those who have already tried using pink noise and a humidifier without much success.

Philips Hue smart lightbulb
A smart lightbulb can be set to red and controlled from your phone. Photo: Philips Hue

“We use a colour changing bulb that has a remote, it did actually seem to really help,” one person said in reply to a question about cheaper alternatives to the Glow Dreaming.

“We use a smart bulb, you can use it in any night light or ceiling light you have, just change the bulb,” another commenter shared, “Once you install the app on your phone you can change to any colour and dim from your phone from any room in the house.”

Smart light bulbs compatible with Google Home and Alexa are available for as little as $16 each on Amazon Australia, while the Philips Hue range of smart lighting is very popular ​​although more expensive.

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