Glamour model claims she was brainwashed by ISIS

Members of ISIS have long been taking to the social media platform Facebook, in attempts to brainwash people into joining them.

Now, Kimberley Miners, 29, of London, has come forward claiming she was indoctrinated online by ISIS recruiter Naweed Hussain – a man who later died in an airstrike in February.

According to the model, she was being groomed to be the next “White Widow,” a reference to Sally Jones, a British mother who converted to radical Islam and pledged allegiance to ISIS. (Jones was believed to have been killed in June 2017.)

Kimberley Miners, 27, of Bradford, England, claims she was recruited by ISIS. Photo: Supplied.

Kimberley was arrested when she was discovered to be corresponding with Hussain, a correspondence that included a bomb-making manual.

After she suffered a miscarriage and broke up with her fiancé, Kimberley felt totally alone. It was when she became single that she turned to social media and met friends in Syria.

She originally was drawn towards the plight of children in the area, but it wasn’t long before she was receiving friend requests from Syrian citizens.

Kimberley said “It’s embarrassing now but I liked the attention. I’d been so lonely. Now I felt I finally belonged. I craved the attention, the respect, and the offers of friendship.”

Kimberley was expected to go to Turkey, and then to Syria. However, anti-terror police arrested her. She was threatened to 10 years in prison, however, was released on bail in January.

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