Study reveals a third of women would choose financial security over regular sex

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Well ladies and gents, the results are in and it seems like financial security is having more of an impact on keeping that spark alive in the bedroom than we ever thought.

A new study reveals that about a third of Australian women were willing to give up regular sex to achieve financial security – which was a significantly higher portion than men.

Source: Getty
Source: Getty

The survey, conducted by Raiz Investment Limited, looked at the well-being of 1000 participants and found that almost 50 percent of women and 28 per cent of men felt financially stressed.

It was clear that this stress is having a serious impact on people’s overall well-being with many claiming it affects their ability to sleep and left them more prone to falling ill.

It was recorded that as many as 65 percent said they endured sleepless nights, 64 percent claimed they had experienced depression and 45 percent revealed they have suffered illness.

Notably, while fewer men suggested they would give up sex for financial security than women, one third still agreed that stressing about money had a negative effect on their sex lives.

Source: Getty
Source: Getty

Given the fact that a lack of intimacy and financial stress came in among the top ten reasons for women getting divorced, this should be cause for concern.

Coming in at number one on the list was a difference in life goals, which typically has a high correlation to success and money, according to another survey by NextLove.

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