The gigantic new plane that will change flying forever

Long-haul travel could change forever thanks to the first flight of the new 777X aircrafts.

The aircraft will have the biggest jet engines ever seen, attached to the longest wings of any aircraft ever made by the Seattle-based manufacturer, Boeing.

And the 777-9, the first of the X family to be developed, will be taking to the skies later this year.

The 777-9, the first of the X family to be developed, will be taking to the skies later this year. Photo: Boeing

The most recent game-changer to take to the skies was the 787 Dreamliner, which has been praised as one of the most technologically advanced aircraft in history and is loved by passengers.

So it will be interesting to see how the 777X family compares to the current ruler of the skies.

What’s the perks of the 777X?

These planes will reportedly increase fuel efficiency and reduce operating cost, which will hopefully mean long-haul flights will get cheaper for passengers.

It’s hoped that the plane will become the “holy grail” for routes between Sydney and London, following in the lead of the Boeing 787 which is being used by Qantas on the Perth to London route.

The 777-8 planes will carry 414 passengers in a two-class set up, but the 777-9 will carry 349 passengers in three different classes.

And when you do get on a flight on the 777X planes, you can enjoy large dimmable windows, higher ceilings and an anti-dry, jetlag-beating ventilation system!

Which airlines will fly it?

At the moment, seven airlines have shown interest and placed orders with Boeing.

Emirates has placed the most orders, as well as Qatar, Etihad, Lufthansa also getting involved.

Qantas is yet to decide between the 777X family and the rival version by Airbus so watch this space.

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