You can buy a giant 4.5kg Toblerone bar - but is it worth the £49.99 price tag?

Francesca Specter
·Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
The giant Toblerone will set you back almost fifty quid. [Photo: Toblerone]
The giant Toblerone will set you back almost fifty quid. [Photo: Toblerone]

What’s the only thing better than a bar of Toblerone? A giant bar of Toblerone.

Home Bargains is currently selling a supersized version of the standard issue 150 gram Toblerone bar.

The discount supermarket shared an image of the bar to its Facebook page earlier this week, and it’s causing quite the stir.

The massive bar is 80cm long and weighs 4.5 kilograms – that’s roughly the same weight as a domestic cat.

However, purchasing it will set you back almost fifty quid (£49).

But, is it worth it?

Not technically, according to to one savvy customer who shared some calculations on the page.

“If you buy the 150g bars at the pound shop for 1.5 kg (ten bars ) it's £10. For 3kg (20 bars) it's £20. For 4.5kg (30 bars) it's £30,” one customer calculated.

“So you’re only really paying for the novelty of the item.”

So, if it’s a huge amount of chocolate you’re after, you’re better off spending your money on 30 individual bars (hey, no judgement here).

Then again – the novelty factor of setting down a huge bar of Toblerone on your dining table cannot be understated.

As for the other customer responses, it’s proved a mixed bag.

Positive comments include, “My sister would love one” and “Omg I definitely need that for Christmas.”

Many others responded that £49 was much too expensive for a chocolate bar.

“Who would pay £50 for this. A Christmas dinner to feed the whole family wouldn't cost this much. As much as I love toblerone I still wouldn't pay £50.”

There were some important logistical concerns, with one person querying: “How the heck do you separate the triangles? Hard enough on usual big bar.”

Another wrote, “Those gaps must be massive in a bar that size!”

However, those concerned need not worry – as another user clarified the bar is not actually one big solid chocolate mass, but 45 smaller bars contained inside the packaging.