Ghost terrorises office worker

Bianca Soldani

There’s something inherently spooky about being the only person in a usually busy office.

You’re surrounded by desk upon desk, all eerily empty... and while large office complexes are usually quite secure - watched by cameras and even security teams - there’s nothing that will save you from a scare of the supernatural kind.

That’s what this employee experienced last year when CCTV footage captured some pretty paranormal events while she was alone at her computer.

It all starts when an office chair behind her starts moving... Photo: Facebook
The worker has her headphones in but she notices something strange is happening. Photo: Facebook

The woman in the above video, which recently resurfaced on Facebook page Real Ghost Videos, is sitting with her headphones on when a chair behind her starts being pushed out.

It’s a small movement at first, but the chair keeps making its way towards her until it finally draws her attention and she throws off her headphones to stay more alert.

Things only get scarier when, seemingly out of nowhere, a glass bottle goes flying across the room.

She freaks out when a glass bottle falls to the floor. Photo: Facebook
A ghostly figure can be seen pulling her chair out. Photo: Facebook

Visibly freaked out, the worker looks around, before replacing the bottle away from the edge of the desk. But it doesn’t end there.

Moments later, her own chair is suddenly pulled backwards, and on closer inspection of the video, a grey figure can be seen passing through the shot at the same time.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s some seriously spooky stuff.

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