WATCH: Ghost hunters catch paranormal activity on camera

Kristine Tarbert

We’re not going to lie – we have goose bumps!

In this extremely creepy video, ghost hunter Tony Smith is seen in a graveyard by himself calling out to spirits nearby.

Ghost hunter Tony hangs out in a graveyard by himself. Photo: Youtube

Then, just like in all the real ghost stories, a shadowy figure is seen moving past behind him, to which he is completely oblivious.

Tony is part of the team for Haunted Adventures, and they were filming at the Strelley Manor in the UK for their latest episode ‘Seeking the Unknown’.

The Haunted Adventures team spotted something on camera. Photo: Youtube

In the footage Tony can be heard saying that standing in the graveyard alone is “very unnerving”.

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“Any spirits around me? Come forward, give me a shove,” he asks out loud.

“Come on, make yourself known.”

Well he certainly got a response to that as the shadowy figure wizzes past behind him.

Real paranormal activity. Blink and you'll miss it. Photo: Youtube

Tony says he was hearing noises and ‘felt a presence’ but had no idea what had happened until his team pointed it out.

Steve Wesson filmed the footage earlier this month. According to the stories, a married couple lived at the manor in the 1400s but dies of the plague.

It’s believed they still haunt the cemetery.

That is why you don’t hang out in graveyards at night!

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