Good news! Massages can help you fight the flu

Eliza Velk
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If you ever needed a reason to treat yourself to a massage other than the feeling of pure relaxation, well settle in because now you have one.

It turns out that getting a massage is actually a great way to boost your immune system and avoid catching that dreaded cold or flu going around this winter.

According to massage therapist Cecilio Meneses, regular massages naturally increase the immune system’s white blood cell count, which are essentially the ‘killer cells’ that fight against bacteria and infection. 

It turns out getting a massage will boost your immune system. Source: Getty

Not only that, but the essential oils will actually work as a protective barrier against cold and flu viruses.

“Essential oils we use for massage such as eucalyptus and lavender acts as an anti-bacterial on the skin, creating a shield-like barrier around your body and preventing viruses from entering your through the skin,” Cecilio, from Massage Envy, tells Be.

“Perfect when you’re in areas like public transport where some people are already sick and it’s in the air.”

The essential oils that are used in a massage might just save you from catching a cold. Source: NBC

And it’s these oils that will also clear your nasal passage to ensure you breathe properly through your nose rather than your mouth, which he says is the main entryway for colds and viruses.

“Massages come with a range of benefits… they are perfect too for managing common stress that prevents people from getting proper sleep and again will weaken their immune system. It’s like a pattern,” he tells us.

“Once every month is ideal, but if someone hasn’t done a treatment for a long time, I would suggest one a week for about a month, then once a month for maintenance.”

Massages are one of the best ways of self maintenance. Source: Getty

So essentially, denying yourself the soothing treatment of massages goes against the principal of self-care and as they say, “prevention is always better than trying to find a cure.”

Ah yes please, I’ll take a massage over a flu shot any day.

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