Naked Aussie Instagram account could be shut down

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A viral bum-baring Instagram account could be forced to close – after their hashtag was banned for inappropriate content.

Get Naked Australia was launched in June 2016 by Brendan Jones, who poses for cheeky nude snaps with his friends while out hiking to promote body positivity.

But he now fears the page could shut after hashtag #getnakedaustralia was barred – despite only featuring light-hearted ‘PG’ photos with no explicit nudity.

“All last year we were growing by 1,000 followers a week, then suddenly it stopped,” Brendan said.

“I asked Instagram why this was happening, and got a notification saying the hashtag had been hidden because content did not meet Instagram’s community guidelines.

“It baffles me how Get Naked Australia is getting banned yet there are so many pages out there posting graphic pornographic content and sexually objectifying photos and videos.

The hashtag #getnakedaustralia has been banned. Photo: Caters News

The Sydney local also claims his account has been ‘shadow banned’ by the social media giant, meaning no one outside his 222,000 followers can now find his posts.

“We are being restricted in sharing our fun, body positive message while [other] accounts are still allowed to exist and are not getting banned or shut down,” the 27-year-old said.

“There is no way our page is inappropriate – bare bums are shown in PG Hollywood movies.

“But if bums are so inappropriate and what we do is so wrong, why aren’t those more explicit pages shut down too?”

Brendan said he first realised last week his account had been ‘shadow banned’ – an unofficial term meaning his posts no longer show up in hashtag searches so are not discoverable to anyone who is not already following Get Naked Australia.

The account has also been shadow banned so only followers can see content. Photo: Caters News

When he complained to Instagram, he received a warning stating ‘recent posts from #getnakedaustralia are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community guidelines’.

“I love Instagram and it is how our message has reached so many people, but I just do not see how anyone could view our content as inappropriate,” he said.

“At this stage, it now seems inevitable Instagram will shut us down.

“This may be because we don’t pay them?

“It’s the only explanation I can see, considering the other disgusting pages which are allowed to exist.

“We are working on an alternative page to basically start again if the worst does happen.”

The account launched in 2016 to spread body positivity. Photo: Caters News

Brendan launched Get Naked Australia after making a joke naked calendar for his fiancée – but was soon being inundated with up to 20 photos imitating his stunts every day.

The profile posts photos of naked walkers posing in front of stunning mountains waterfalls and beaches with their backs to the camera – meaning explicit nudity is never featured.

Brendan said the page has been credited with changing lives by helping people step out of their comfort zones and feel confident in their own skin.

Other hashtags he uses when sharing photos include #bodypositivity, #lovetheskinyourein and #itsjustabum.

“The whole nudity thing is seen as such a big deal. Everyone is so uptight and embarrassed, we all think ‘no one can see me naked’,” he said, speaking about the account last year.

“The only naked bodies we see apart from our partners or families are ones in the media and they are not accurate representations of real bodies.

“We are very quick to be ashamed and embarrassed and feel we have to cover up.

“So if the page is helping remove the stigma that being nude is wrong and must be sexual that can only be a good thing.

“It’s not about exhibitionism and there is nothing sexual about it, it’s just getting in touch with nature and having a bit of fun.”

Instagram has been contacted for comment.

With additional reporting by Caters News.

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