Georgie Parker recovers from hip replacement surgery

Anita Lyons
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Georgie Parker has had her fair share of trauma as the fictional character Roo Stewart on Aussie soap, Home and Away, however, the past few months has been nothing short of a ‘real life drama’ for the soap star.

Revealing all in an interview with Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur on The Morning Show, the 53-year-old actress spoke about undergoing hip replacement surgery.

“I hid it as well as I could,” she told the co-hosts. “I have scoliosis as well, so I’m working with that as well is the hip, and unfortunately, when the hip loses that movement, everything is compromised.”

Georgie Parker spoke to Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur about her hip replacement surgery this morning. Source: Instagram/georgieparker

When you hear the word ‘hip replacement’ you don’t think that someone in their 50s would undergo such an operation, however, as Georgie explained, many elite sportsmen and women have it due to ‘wear and tear’ involved.

The actress, who has been part of Summer Bay for ten years, said that her TV family didn’t have her feeling like she was alone at any moment throughout the lengthy process.

“I had Ray (Meagher) visiting me, sending me flowers and chocolates,” she told the hosts. “Everybody was messaging me a lot, so it was a real sense of family. I felt very loved and getting messages saying that they love me and miss me. It was really sweet.”

While the surgery knocked her for six, Georgie is glad that she is up and about again.

Georgie has been acting for three decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Source: Getty

“You have to think about how you sit, stand, how you get up,” she said. “And when you are an actor,
your body is your tool, so it was very debilitating really. I’m glad I have my instrument back.”

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