Georgie Gardner reveals there's 'friction' with Karl Stefanovic

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In the words of Taylor Swift, it used to be mad love between Georgie Gardner and Karl Stefanovic, but now there may be a case of bad blood.

Georgie has admitted there is some ‘friction’ between herself and her Today co-host.

Does this have anything to do with a certain Ubergate scandal?

Georgie Gardner has admitted there is some “friction” between herself and Karl Stefanovic. Source: Nine

Whilst the pair were guests on Hit Network’s Hughesy & Kate Show, Georgie and Karl were asked what their working relationship was like following the Uber debacle.

“There’s a fraction of friction between you two,” radio host Kate Langbroek said.

“A fraction too much friction,” Georgie responded.

So, what causes this friction? Donald Trump is a hot topic of debate for the Today pair.

Oh, and who gets dibs on the bigger dressing room – the real big issues.

Donald Trump and the fact Georgie has a bigger dressing room is the source of some of the “friction”. Source: Nine

“There was a bit of tension on our thoughts on Donald Trump,” the 48-year-old explained. “And then there was the time that you got a big narky that I had a slightly bigger dressing room.”

To which Karl joked, “I had a full meltdown”.

Back in March, New Idea published an interview with an Uber driver, who claimed to have heard an explosive 45-minute conversation between Karl and his younger brother Peter, in which the Gold Logie winner said Georgie needed to ‘step up’ after taking over Lisa Wilkinson’s hosting role.

Discussing his comments with Hughesy and Kate, Karl said he was “deeply sorry”.

“Georgie was incredibly good about that, for God’s sake, I thought she was going to hit me!” he admitted.

Karl admitted he thought Georgie was going to “hit” him over the Ubergate scandal. Source: Channel Nine

However, Georgie was nonetheless stunned by the publication of the conversation.

“There was something in the paper that was alluding that there was going to be war at breakfast,” she explained. “And I thought, ‘I wonder who that is?’ And then it became, ‘Oh, hang on. It’s us.'”

Karl has jokingly said Peter is still in his bad books. Source: Instagram/PeterStefanovic

As for Karl’s little brother Peter, who was involved in the conversation, he still isn’t back on his big bro’s good side.

“He’s completely untrustworthy,” Karl said jokingly, later adding, “He’s just a s**t of a brother and a shocking person. He’s irresponsible.”

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