Georgie Gardner mocks Karl's 'tiny' manhood

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Georgie Gardner has no doubt won an army of fans after she hilariously put Karl Stefanovic in his place live on air this morning.

The Today hosts were discussing the news that photographer was staging a mass nude photoshoot in the city next month when Karl brought up an old clip of him streaking through the studio, saying he liked to “nude up at every possible moment”.

In the footage from 2015, Karl can be seen running naked behind-the-scenes of the show with nothing but a super imposed cricket ball placed over his manhood to protect his modesty.

Georgie Gardner took a hilarious swipe at Karl Stefanovic over the size of his manhood and won Australia’s heart. Source: Nine

This was the moment Georgie sprung into action and became cemented in our lives as our actual Kween.

“Look at the size of that cricket ball,” news reader Sylvia Jeffreys said.

Georgie mocked Karl for the size of his manhood in an old clip run on Today this morning, scoring her a flurry of new fans. Source: Nine

“It’s quiet a small one, isn’t it,” Georgie replied. “That’s the smallest cricket ball I’ve ever seen. It’s tiny!”

Karl, 44, took the banter well, but naturally leapt to the defence of his manhood.

“No it’s not,” he said, as he awkwardly shuffled paper in front of him and added that it was “very cold” in the studio on the day it was filmed.

She and Sylvia Jeffreys called the cricket ball “tiny” much to Karl’s horror. Source: Nine

But the girls weren’t done yet, with Georgie saying it was a “blink and you’ll miss it moment” much to Karl’s horror.

“Oh that’s enough,” he said, seeming to plead with them to end the roasting.

“It’s almost not even there,” Sylvia continued.

Sylvia also found the whole thing rather amusing. Lol. Source: Nine

When Georgie probed further, asking why he was running naked through the studio, Karl told them he “didn’t want to talk about it”.

“You’ve humiliated me on national TV,” he said, before changing the subject to the fact Queensland lost in last nights State of Origin match. 

Naturally, fans have jumped on Georgie’s laugh-out-loud takedown of her co-host and showered her with praise.

The pair started working together in January after Lisa Wilkinson departed for a new role on The Project and it’s fair to say things have been tough.

In March Karl was busted slamming his co-host in an Uber, something he later publicly apologised for.

Not long after she appeared to get her own back on TV when she branded him “pathetic”.

Talk about girl power!

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