Geordie Shore star's warning after body transformation: 'How wrong'

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Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan took to Instagram this week with a warning for her followers while sharing a video of her body transformation over the years.

Sharing a video of herself three years ago and one that was taken recently, she warned her followers not to take any kind of cosmetic surgery lightly.

Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan
Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan has shared a warning after showcasing her incredible body transformation. Photo: Instagram/Holly Hagan

"5 years ago to now I genuinely couldn’t be happier with the changes I have made to my lifestyle to get me where I am today," she wrote. "The first video was after not one but TWO rounds of BBL. I didn’t go into these surgeries lightly. It took years of appearance-based abuse before I finally decided enough was enough and I was going to get the body of my dreams! How wrong was I!"

She continued, "I would get messages weekly offering free surgery. Do you know how tempting that is for a 22-year-old with a lifetime of weight issues and an ED who wants to stop being bullied for being fat? Very bloody tempting, however, I didn’t want to ever promote it so I paid."


Holly had previously never specified what kind of surgery she had undergone, as she didn't want her followers to copy her.

"I have always just said surgery generically because I never wanted anyone to go and copy what I did and be left unhappy, especially after learning how dangerous the procedure actually is," the reality star said. "As much as I tried to hide it, it was pretty noticeable and instead the comments just went from 'fat slag' to 'too much surgery she looked better before' overnight."

Holly explained that she felt "an awful amount of shame" after paying the "equivalent to a house deposit" on the surgery only to end up "looking worse".

Holly Hagan before body transformation
Holly warned her followers not to take any kind of cosmetic surgery lightly in the post. Photo: Instagram/Holly Hagan

"Surgery will not solve the issues you have with food!" she wrote in caps lock. "It was only after getting with [fiancé Jacob Blyth] and meeting [trainer Tyler Kane] that it finally clicked. This simple bit of knowledge about energy balance saved my life.

"We have become so impatient and always looking for a quick fix, this is 3 years of hard graft day in and day out practising what I preach. With the knowledge I have now I’ve only actually been in an actual gym twice this year and have made aerobic fun dance workouts that work for me."

She finished by saying, "But the point is I’m having to live with the saggy deflated bag of jelly I have left for a bum and there’s no way I’m going through more surgery to attempt to fix it so I will live with my mistakes. I’m proud of the healthy, balanced, non-restrictive lifestyle I’ve managed to achieve and If me sharing my story helps even one person reconsider surgery it was worth sharing."

Holly's followers loved her brutal honesty with one user commenting, "Well done… and then you have Kim Kardashian glorifying 16 pounds loss in three weeks for her Met Gala dress."

Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan in a white bikini
Holly has previously spoken about how she is "overweight" on the BMI scale, but no longer cares about the outdated measurement. Photo: Instagram/Holly Hagan

"It’s been so great watching you grow into your beautiful and authentic self, really appreciate how candid and vulnerable you’ve been. Thank you!" another follower wrote.

"To be honest I think you look gorgeous in both videos but absolutely love your honest caption, we are definitely to fixated on a quick fix instead of investing time into our health for the long term," a third said.

"What an inspiration. You look amazing and many women would love a bum like yours. With the right mindset you can take on the world and move mountains," someone else added.

Holly has previously spoken about how she is "overweight" on the BMI scale, but no longer cares about the outdated measurement.

"Bmi doesn’t account for so many factors," she wrote. "We’ve always been taught that being overweight is unhealthy... yet when I had an eating disorder in the 'normal' category my health would never be questioned.

"Health is subjective. What’s healthy for me is living a balanced unrestricted life with a good amount of exercise per week and I’m achieving that. So I guess being overweight is healthy for me."

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