Genius $4 ceiling fan cleaning hack

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
If you’ve ever wondered how to clean your ceiling fan without the dust flying off in every direction, look no further than this nifty hack. Photo: Getty Images

If you have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, you’ll more than likely lay in bed at night looking at the thick dirt that’s covered the edges of the cooling device.

It’s gross and you know it but a ceiling fan is probably one of the trickiest things to clean in your house – apart from the air vents and shower head of course.

But the cleaning gods have answered our prayers because thanks to Beltran Cleaning, we’ve discovered a nifty hack for making your fan sparkling clean without the mess.

The professional cleaning service uploaded a picture to Instagram, showing off their genius technique.

“Cover a blade of your ceiling fan with a pillowcase then wipe,” they wrote.

“This will prevent dust from getting everywhere.”

The best thing about it is that you can get a pillow case from Kmart for as little as $4 and then just throw it in the wash when you’re done with it.

It’s not the only amazing hack we discovered when we went digging around on Instagram, as the place is a treasure trove for those who like to keep their abodes looking fit for a prince or princess.

Bucks Cleaning County Cleaning claims that you can rid your cleaning board of any nasty stains by simply cutting a lemon in half and running it across the surface.

If you struggled in January with how to put your Christmas tree lights away so that you won’t need to spend a whole night detangling them next year, 1crazyhousetips recommends wrapping them around a box.

Notimeforgrime reccomends squeezing out your sponges and popping them in the microwave on high for a minute to get rid of any unwanted bacteria.

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