Gemini: Today's horoscope

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November 17, 2018

Hot on the heels of Venus retrograde ending yesterday, today we get the start of a new Mercury retrograde cycle. This is what it means for you. Mercury will be going backwards in Sagittarius. That means for you, he’ll be affecting…

Your Love Zone. Yes, you read that right. The planet of communications is doing his backwards jig through one of the most important parts of your chart – that where you relate to others, where you connect with your partner, your ex or your potential new love. Mercury going backwards here means that for some, there will be an Ex who looms large our of the shadows of the past and back into your life. For some the temptation to try again will be overwhelming – for others this last spin around the romance will be enough to give you ‘closure’. Whoever it is that you’re dealing with – a lover, an ex, a potential, someone who is in some way a VIP in your life – the good news is that you will have a chance to renegotiate the ground rules and/or settle an old problem. A conversation you should have had some time ago can happen, if you let it. If you’ve only papered over the cracks where an issue between the two of you is concerned, now is the time when you might end up hashing it out. If you’re just starting to see someone new, be sure not to allow any minor misunderstandings or mix ups to derail you.
Today’s freebie: Mercury goes retrograde later this week. Download this free guide re how it’ll affect you!