Gemini Daily Horoscope – October 10 2019

Mercury retrograde shadow starts tomorrow

If you want to “get stuff done” before Mercury retrograde starts, do it now! The Mercury retrograde shadow starts tomorrow. That means whatever is happening now is like a foretaste of the issues likely to come up for you when we move into Mercury retrograde proper. So pay attention!

Your Daily Forecast

Opportunities to see a situation in a new light is possible at work today while the Moon moves through your 10th house of career and public life. You might receive some form of acknowledgement or credit for the extra work or effort you’ve been putting in at the office. Conversely, your efforts may be overlooked. If you’ve been considering exploring new professional avenues, you may gain an insight or awareness of what your next options are. When it comes to your career, feelings trump facts now. Trusting your instincts will be vital with any decisions you make now.

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