Gemini Daily Horoscope – November 5 2020

Yasmin Boland
·1-min read

The Moon moved into Cancer, the sign where it is most comfortable and best able to express its true nature. And in these days after a difficult Full Moon, we all need to wind down and take stock of what has happened. You will notice some people are hurting and lashing out with their pain, some are licking their wounds and still others are gathering their strength to tend to the needs of others. Wherever you are in this scenario, always make sure you look after yourself today.
What this all means for you The Moon is now moving through your second house, the sector of the chart that rules finances. This is a great time to check over your bank or business statements to make sure things are running smoothly. And if you do spot a mistake, you have the skills and talents at this time to set things straight with the diplomacy and charm of any sweet-talking salesman. Speaking of sales, you are on top form for scoring excellent bargains and getting what you want for a good price. However, you have to get in there quick because as any good business person knows, good deals really don’t last forever.

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