Gemini Daily Horoscope – November 22 2019

Today, I picked you a card for your forecast … ask a question … and here is your answer!

Look at the bigger picture

The message

Are you thinking too much about the details of your dilemma? Doing that, fretting over the minutiae, can be plain counter-productive. This card comes as a reminder to you that while it’s very good to think things through, sometimes you need to just step back and see the bigger picture. What do you see about your current situation if you do that? Can you laugh about where you are? What is the most positive thought you can have about it? Think that. Now is the time to count your blessings, even if you don’t have exactly what you want yet. As well, this card reminds you that so often, we have to take a few risks and sit with uncertainty on this journey called life. Try to keep an open mind about what is for the best. The Universe could surprise you.

A recommendation based on this card

Take some time out for a mini break or adventure if you can.

Additional meanings for this card

· Have you shown that you care? If not, now is the time.
· Find a balance between speaking your mind and saying too much
· This situation may have come around because you have been distracted
· Be confident without being overconfident, to win the day

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