Gemini Daily Horoscope – November 15 2020

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Too much love?

This week brings three alignments involving the planet Venus. Venus is associated with love and abundance. The two alignments are quite diametrically opposed.

The first which takes place on Monday, is between Venus, paranoid Pluto and then the planet of all things fantastic, Jupiter. It might bring up obsessive love, too much love or someone suffocating you with their adoration, or it could also relate to spending far too much.


Or not enough?

Whatever the case, on Thursday we get Venus clashing with Saturn, the planet of karma, lessons and facing facts. This is more serious. It can also translate as feeling lonely, as your advances being rejected, or with feeling like there isn’t enough money to go around.

So mind how you go this week when it comes to love and abundance. If you can get through this week without too many apple carts upset, you’ll be out the other side in no time at all.

Make a deal

Moreover, in the middle of all this, there is actually some stability to be had. Thrown into the mix is a rather stable link between the Sun and Saturn.

The long and the short of it really is that the week is likely to pan out depending on how you’ve been behaving up until now! No kidding.

If, for example, you’ve become emotionally involved with someone you know is no good for you, or you’re pouring your money down the drain and you know it, then you need to go easy this week. Things could go from bad to even trickier.

However, if you are overall on the right track and you know it, chances are you’ll end the week feeling on more solid ground.