Gemini Daily Horoscope – November 13 2020

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That was Jupiter / Pluto, that was

If you’re wondering why there have been all these seismic shifts going on in the world, you can thank/blame the super rare Jupiter/Pluto conjunction which just took place. It’s massive! It only happens every 12 or 13 years and is a meeting between the mighty planet of amplification, Jupiter, and the planet of transformation, Pluto. I did a meditation about it here if you want to tune in.

So what does it mean for you?

Wherever Pluto is in your chart, is where you’re feeling all this. Here’s the info you need.
If there is one thing the financial ups and downs of the past few years has shown it’s that it’s time to stop being scared about money. The more we fear cash shortages, the more we create them! Show the Universe you know you can take care of yourself! Now as Pluto is triggered in in your Money Box, you should start to realise that you’re actually in a positive position of power when it comes to cash. You’re one of the signs with the planets on your side when it comes to money right now. Yes, you do have to trim the fat and pare things back (Pluto demands it) but if you streamline your operations, you could find that this current turmoil leaves you in a better position than before it began. Astro-truly.

Are you Capricorn Rising?

What a time you must have been having of it of late. All this Jupiter/Pluto action has been in your 1st House! Your Rising Sign is SO important – it dictates the way your whole horoscope and LIFE plays out! Don’t know your Rising Sign? Find it out for free here. And if you’re Sagittarius Rising? You’re about to get a lucky New Moon you need to know about! Click here for info.