Gemini Daily Horoscope – June 11 2020

Mercury will be retrograde in about one week from now.

Mercury will be retrograde in your 2nd House so expect to be doing some rethinking and reconsidering about cash, property and/or your possessions during this upcoming cycle. (In fact, these topics might already be in your mind, as we are in the Mercury retrograde shadow period.) Your self‑esteem and what you really value is also up for a rethink, so begin it now. It may also be time to reconsider what’s important to you in life. It sounds like a big question and, yes, it is. But you only get the occasional chance to really revise such major issues. So, what really matters to you? Is your current lifestyle supporting what you believe to be important in the great scheme of things? If you’ve been feeling negative about yourself lately, this cycle asks you to think again about your opinion of yourself! Rate yourself more highly and more money will follow. It’s the law of attraction. Also, what good does it do you to act small? Interested in Mercury retrograde? Grab my Mercury Retrograde Book here.