Gemini Daily Horoscope – June 04 2021

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When it comes to your cash flow and finances, you may have had a bit of a rough trot lately. Fortunately, lucky star Venus may bring blessings and good fortune financially. Perhaps the increased visibility and recognition will actually start paying dividends or, you may simply have the confidence to align and attract more cash. A big part of manifesting abundance starts with dialing up your energy and allowing yourself to receive. Let someone else pay for your coffee today.

One week to the New Moon eclipse…

Here’s what you need to know: So how have you been doing with communicating how you feel? Whatever your answer, the fact is that the New Moon is coming in just over a week from now, and it’s going to take place in your third house. That’s the part of your chart which is all about communications. So whether you need to change the way you’re communicating with someone who matters a lot to you, or learn how to get your message across better in general, this New Moon is going to be all about you and your communication skills. The better you’re communicating, the better you’re going to be manifesting. Not everyone is as psychic as we are! Note! It’s the second New Moon in this part of your chart in a row. Are you getting the message?