Gemini Daily Horoscope – December 25 2019

To those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas! To celebrate today, I am delighted to offer you (for free!) my annual Promises & Pressures report – details are below! So what about today?
We are now around a day before the eclipse (depending on when you read this and where you live) so if you’re feeling a bit MAD then it’s not just the festivities but also the eclipse energies which are building… it’s going to be triggering your 8th House where there is also some Sun/Uranus action today. Overall, it’s really not out of the question to think that instead of being a drain on your pocket as this time of the year usually is, it can actually be a time where you get some unexpected cash coming your way – fingers crossed!

The Promises and Pressures of 2020

So about the (free) Promises & Pressures 2020 report I would like to offer you as a gift – it tells you all about the opportunities and challenges awaiting you in the year ahead. You can download it instantly here.