Gemini Daily Horoscope – August 3 2019

With Mercury, your patron planet now at a standstill in the sky, you might be considering your next move forward. You may have all the facts at hand, but need a little extra time to thoroughly explore your options. This could be in within a financial situation or with your living environment. If you’ve had the idea of a relocation or a renovation on your mind, then Mercury on the move may highlight a breakthrough in a stuck money situation that allows you to move forward. With Uranus in the mix, things may develop much faster than you expect.

Yasmin Boland is on holidays. Today’s forecast was written by Cassandra Tyndall

Did you make your New Moon wishes?

If not, it’s not too late as we are still in the New Moon phase! Before Yasmin went on holidays, she updated the August New Moon Kit for you here.