Gemini Daily Horoscope – 29 December 2021

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It’s a red-letter day astrologically speaking…

Today the planet of good luck and good times, Jupiter, is changing signs, moving from Aquarius (where he has been buffering Saturn) into Pisces, one of his home signs. Overall one great result of this can be that the world starts to get more spiritual. I cover this info and tons and tons more in much more depth in my . Moonology Diary 2022. Here’s what it means for you – read your Rising Sign if you know it!
Jupiter’s move into your 10th House of Career means that over the next 12 months, you can definitely expect to get noticed at work. Noticed how? Well, if you’ve been slaving away quietly hoping for some kind of recognition – or if you have out and out aspirations to be famous – this could be Your Lucky Cycle!

However, if you’ve been quietly working away hoping no one will notice what you’re up to – watch out! Whatever you’re doing, with Jupiter in your 10th House, it’s hard to keep it a secret!

For some, the promotions you so deserve are finally going to come your way, perhaps even some kind of award. This is a culmination for you workwise – your hard work should pay off. You are also likely to get on better with bosses now. And if you’re totally jack of your job and in the mood for change, that’s possible too.

This transit can see people decide to anything from change jobs (you should get more offers). Some even suck in the Jupiter ‘freedom’ vibe and throw their career in altogether while they go off to see the world. (And because Jupiter is so closely associated with travel, travel for your work is now extra possible for you over the next 12 months.)

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