Gemini Daily Horoscope – 14 June 2022

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Happy Full Moon! Today is the day to release negativity. When you release the negativity, you open up space to allow in all the good things in life. Keep reading for more info about this. But first, here is where the Full Moon is triggering your horoscopes.
There’s a Full Moon in your Love Zone which can mean one of several things. Firstly, if you and your partner are slowly but surely drifting away from each other, this Full Moon can be a sign that you’re doing the right that at the right time and it could be the moment to let go so you can both discover new worlds. If you and your partner are loved-up and happy, then it means no such thing, but is actually a time when you can and even “should” focus more on your lover (or other important people in your life) and a little less on yourself. And if you’re single, the Full Moon in your 7th House of Love now suggests it’s time to draw a line under the last romance, to allow for something new.
Join me today for a Full Moon ceremony when we will be releasing all the negativity which can otherwise clog us up energetically. It’s a super powerful practise to do once a month when the Moon is full. I’ll do this month’s Full Moon ceremony as a part of my free Moonology Manifesting training which you can register for here.

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