Gatsbying is the latest dating trend we're all guilty of

Rebekah Scanlan
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

We’ve been doing it for years, but now someone has created a term for those of us who deliberately post something on social media just to get the attention of the person they like.

Australian model Matilda Dods coined the phenomenon of “Gatsbying”, because just like the extravagant and opulent scenes from the 1920s themed movie, those who are doing it are trying to portray themselves in the best light.

So if you take sexy selfies and deliberately share your sociable group snaps in a bid to bait the person you’ve got your eye on, then you’re guilty of Gatsbying.

There’s a new dating trend called Gatsbying which relates to those who deliberately post on social media to get attention from a love interest. Source: Roadshow

You’re not alone though.

Matilda’s playful suggestion that the days of simply texting someone you like are now over, appears to have struck a chord, as the term has seriously taken off. 

The hashtag #Gatsbying has reams of photos of singletons posing and pouting for the camera, hoping to catch the eye their perfect match.

In the social media ear, it’s something we’re probably all guilty of. Source: Getty

This weirdly relatable phrase joins the long list of modern dating trends that have evolved recently, including orbiting, bread crumbing, shaveducking and ghosting.

Sadly though, getting involved doesn’t guarantee a waiting Leonardo DiCaprio with a glass of bubbles at the end.

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