Game show contestant loses $27K on baffling question

This seemingly simple Who Want to be a Millionaire? question was so confusing, even the host didn’t know the correct answer.

A UK man lost $27K after failing to guess “what type of wild animal is an ibex”.

The options were a) ‘goat’, b) ‘pig’, c) ‘hare’ and d) ‘deer’, and while his instinct told him it was either ‘goat’ or ‘deer’, he was unsure about risking so much money on it, so he phoned a friend for confirmation.

He was stunned to find his answer was wrong. Photo: Who wants to be a Millionaire

The friend was convinced the answer was ‘deer’ and it was subsequently locked in, at which point Jeremy Clarkson, who hosts the UK version of the show, congratulated him.

“I’m not even going to look at the screen, that’s the correct answer,” he says.

But at the same moment, answer a) ‘goat’ lights up green, and both the host and contestant are taken aback.

Even the host was perplexed. Photo: Who wants to be a Millionaire

“What? Is it not a deer?” Jeremy laughs, “Oh no, you’ve just lost £15,000! [AUD$27,000]”.

“Are you sure? I’ve seen ibex buoying along and they looked like deer to me.”

But they were sure, and he walked away with a consolatory prize of £1,000.

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