Game of Thrones sneak peak teases a last-minute reckoning

New images and a teaser hint at the devastating aftermath of Dany's temper tantrum. Photo: HBO

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

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As the flames die down, and the ash settles over King’s Landing, it looks like our favourite Mad Queen is gearing up for a victory speech that no one wants to hear.

HBO has released two new images on top of a teaser of next week’s Game of Thrones finale and they don’t promise a bright, sunny end to what’s been a devastating season in more ways than one.

One image shows a shot of Dany from behind as she surveys her troops and the smouldering heap of ash that was King’s Landing before she went all ‘dracarys’ on the capital’s ass.

Daenerys admires her handiwork. Photo: HBO

The shot indicates there’s an impending victory speech from hell headed our way - literally.

The second shot may as well be an artist’s interpretation of the fandom after last episode, it’s Tyrion looking exactly how we all feel - shattered.

Honestly, same. Photo: HBO

The images come on the back of a teaser hinting at retribution to come, though from whom, to whom is hard to discern.

Tyrion of course features heavily, peering out from the wreckage both in the image, and the teaser.

After freeing his brother Jamie from Dany’s guards, Tyrion is likely facing execution for treason, although if this was a just world Dany would be facing execution for being a complete dick but that’s just how the medieval cookie crumbles I suppose.

He’s probably headed for the same fate as Varys who tried to poison Dany for the good of the realm, and don’t we all wish he succeeded now.

Another face they’re steering us towards is that of Arya Stark who looks thoroughly ticked off to put it mildly.

Not happy, Jan. Photo: HBO

Arya famously didn’t end up killing Cersei last episode, but it looks like another queen has just been added to her kill list.

The teaser also offers a timely reminder that Dany still has the undivided loyalty of the Unsullied and Dothraki who, let’s be honest, are pretty scary dudes, so just because she’s lost her marbles doesn’t mean she’s lost the throne.

Don't forget these guys. Photo: HBO

This would be a great time for Arya to recreate that Night King moment and save the world 2.0.

This is Game of Thrones though, so we don’t hold your breath for a happy ending.

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