From Gabby Douglas to Naomi Osaka, Top Female Athletes Share Their Recovery Must-haves

Suni Lee, gymnast and Olympic gold medalist

Suni Lee
Suni Lee

Go-to recovery products: Therabody Theragun Mini, $199; Therabody TheraCup, $149, and the Calm app, $15 per month

I keep the Mini Theragun in my gym bag and use it throughout practice or after competitions. It really helps break up knots and releases a lot of tension. Cupping is good for muscle recovery, and [Therabody TheraCup] combines heat and vibration for instant relief. Mind recovery is something we should never forget about. I love using the Calm app for daily meditations, especially before and after competitions. It puts me in the best headspace.

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Recovery must-dos: Once a week, I try to sauna and cold plunge. I love doing the sauna for 15 minutes, followed by a three-minute cold plunge. If I know I have a competition coming up, I’ll do this the day before.

To me, recovery means… “Recovery means caring for your body and mind and giving it everything it needs to perform at its highest potential. Our bodies are incredible and allow us to push boundaries, so it’s important to ensure that we’re giving them the proper rest, nutrition and tools to recover.”

Gabby Douglas, gymnast and Olympic champion

Gabby Douglas
Gabby Douglas for Dr. Scholl’s

Go-to recovery product: Dr. Scholl’s Severe Cracked Heel Repair Restoring Balm, $8

A proper foot care routine is truly essential to me and allows me to look and feel my best — especially because my feet also end up on camera.

Recovery must-dos: Taking care of my body is essential. In terms of recovery routine, cryotherapy, acupuncture and icing have been key to staying healthy this season.

To me, recovery means… I’m thrilled to be training again but as gymnasts, we put our bodies through a lot, so recovery is essential. To unwind, I like to meditate and also spend time with my family and animals on my farm – it’s very therapeutic. In terms of body recovery, I rely on Dr. Scholl’s for foot care and adding moisture back into my skin, as well as cryotherapy, icing and heating for my body.

Amber Glenn, figure skater and 2024 U.S. champion

Go-to recovery products: Dr Teal’s Soothe & Sleep Lavender Pure Epsom Bath Salt, $7; Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro, $329; Hyperice Normatec 3 Legs, $799, and Hyperice Vyper 3, $199

For years I relied on an old fashioned Dr. Teal’s hot epsom salt bath with some stretching after but as I’ve advanced as an athlete so has my recovery.

Recovery must-dos: A very important thing for me is to make sure I rehydrate myself and have some type of protein intake. I then make sure to include some light stretches before moving onto my next task of the day.  I also participate in physical therapy twice a week at the Olympic/Paralympic training center in Colorado Springs. In the evening a hot shower/bath along with some deeper stretches followed by using the NormaTech3 legs before bed.

To me, recovery means… Recovery is very essential to me as someone who’s been skating for almost 20 years. It’s good to remember that physical recovery is important but so is mental recovery. No matter if you’re a pro athlete or a college student, recovery is what helps prevent both physical and mental burnout. Taking time for self care whatever that may look like is a good start to effective recovery.

Naomi Osaka, tennis champion

Naomi Osaka
Naomi Osaka

Go-to recovery products: Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2, $129

I love how convenient it is to throw in my suitcase and travel with.

Recovery must-dos: My recovery routine after matches always looks the same. I cool down on the bike for 10 to 15 minutes to lower my heart rate. After that, my physio stretches me out for another 20 minutes. I normally use this time to wind down mentally and reflect on my match.

To me, recovery means… An effective recovery for me includes a physical cooldown as well as a mental recovery by meditating and listening to calming music. I think that the mental recovery is just as, if not more important, than the physical. My work with [mental health care platform] Modern Health really taught me a lot about meditation as that was something I had never tried before and now I am leading my own meditations and meditations for kids. It’s really been a calming force in my daily practice.