Fury after unwell wife is demanded to attend dinner with the in-laws

Eliza Velk
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For most people having dinner with the in-laws every so often is just an obligatory task that is simply part of being married.

However, one woman is now seeking advice on the on whether it is right for her husband and his family to demand she attends a birthday dinner for her brother-in-law who she doesn’t particularly get along with.

Under normal circumstances, the woman admits she would normally just ‘put on a smile and go’ however this time around she is recovering from a seemingly painful tooth extraction so hoping to give it a miss.

The only problem is, her ‘darling husband’ is being pretty ‘stubborn’ over the matter and insisting that she goes to ‘show face’.

A woman is seeking advice if it’s reasonable for her not to attend a dinner with the in-laws when she is unwell. Source: NBC

ILs [In-laws] are celebrating BILs [brother-in-law’s] birthday at a rather nice restaurant. Under normal circumstances, I would go. I’m not BILs biggest fan but I would always put on a smile and go as a family unit,” she started the post on Mumsnet.

“However, I had a tooth extraction on Friday last week that had some complications. Long story short, its gotten infected and I have a face the size of a house. I can only see properly out of one eye, and the antibiotics I’m on are making me feel rotten. I’m in a lot of pain and have no appetite.”

“AIBU [Am I being unreasonable] to think I shouldn’t be expected to go to this family meal tonight? DH [darling husband] thinks I should still attend and is being quite stubborn about it.”

On normal circumstances, she would go but she is still recovering from a major tooth extraction. Source: Getty

The post got an overwhelming number of responses, most of which backed her up for not wanting to attend under those circumstances.

“Seriously? F••• that, stay at home. Of course you’re not being unreasonable. Your DH however….” one person commented. 

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“Why does it matter to him so much? Is he hoping you’ll drive so he can drink or something?” Others questioned.

In the end, many others were looking out for her own wellbeing and encouraging her simply to rest up and get better.

“DH can still go. But you should definitely not feel pressured to go. You’re not well. You need a sofa, a blanket and some TV. Not a group of gawping family members watching you as you struggle to take even a sip of drink let alone eat any food with any dignity.” a fellow woman stressed. 

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