Furious woman tasers cheating boyfriend

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman, who has been with her boyfriend since their teens, suspected he might cheat on her so she set him up with a test.

With the help of the team from To Catch A Cheater, Tamara watched on as her boyfriend Jackson is approached by a pretty brunette after leaving work at McDonalds.

He seemed open to the positive attention and when the girls invited him to dinner, he promptly asked for her number.

“You sure dinner is ok, you don’t have a girlfriend?” the brunette asked in the footage posted to Youtube.

Photo: Youtube/ tocatchacheater

“Why would I be asking for your number if I had a girlfriend,” was his response.

Tamara understandably gets angry.

Later that evening Tamara intercepted her boyfriend on his way to a date, but things quickly escalated from there.

“What is this? Are you cheating on me?” she asked.

Photo: Youtube/tocatchacheater

While Jackson is more interested in who the camera crew are, out of nowhere she pulls out a taser.

He ends up on the floor, police are called and according to the hosts Tamara ends up in jail.

With almost 120,000 views and over 1000 comments, the video has caused quite a stir.

“She’s stupid for getting a Taser involved,” one person commented

“I would do the same if I had the chance but I would hopefully get away with it,” another said.

But then many pointed out it looked staged. So staged.

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