Sexy Halloween costumes nobody asked for

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Halloween is creeping up on us like a sexy ghost, and it’s time to think about costumes.

When is Halloween?

Halloween is always on October 31, which this year falls on a Friday.

The Rules

The Yahoo Lifestyle team have been discussing the golden rules of dressing up for the spooky holiday.

Halloween Rule #1: No Shaming

Remember the party in Mean Girls, when Cady learns the true meaning of Halloween?

“Halloween is the one time of year a girl can dress like a total s*@t and no other girl can say anything about it.”

Here at Yahoo Lifestyle, we believe everyone can wear whatever they want, whenever they want, without being called the s-word. But she’s not wrong. Lindsay Lohan is never wrong.

Halloween Rule #2: Sexy is the Word

Tweedle Dum Halloween costume

If you put the word sexy before anything, it makes it sexy.

Like sexy piñatassexy mummies to the sexy Statue of Liberty, everything’s sexy if you call it sexy (or dirty or flirty or hot).

I’m changing my name to Sexy Nadine.

Bringing Sexy Back

While we’re all for a sultry ensemble, please, we beg of you, no more Playboy bunnies, no more Catwomen and definitely no more naughty nurses.

They’ve been done to death, which we understand is on brand for Halloween. Plus, nurses are heroes. Whoever started the sexy nurse thing has a lot to answer for.

Sexy Halloween Costumes that Nobody Asked For

For anyone who’s ever asked,“How can I look sexy on Halloween but also show my deep respect for esteemed members of the criminal justice system?”

Judge Judy Halloween costume

We’re calling it Budget Ariel.

Sexy fish Halloween costume

Or you can just raid Helena Bonham Carter’s closet.

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costume

Why wasn’t this in Fleabag?

Sexy priest Halloween costume

This is just a hard pass from us.

Sexy hunter Halloween costume

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