The Frozen Breakfast Sandwich We're Definitely Not Buying Again

frozen Breakfast Sandwiches
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Frozen breakfast sandwiches are a great time saver on mornings when you need to eat but you don't have time to prepare everything from scratch. However, sacrificing freshness doesn't mean your breakfast has to taste like the inside of your freezer even after warming it in the microwave; when it comes to store-bought frozen breakfast sandwiches, not all brands provide the same taste and quality. Daily Meal ranked the best and worst frozen breakfast sandwiches you can find on shelves, and the one that came in dead last is the Great Value Croissant Sandwich.

The Walmart-branded breakfast sandwich left us rather overwhelmed, providing a soggy croissant devoid of flavor accompanied by a wildly overspiced sausage patty that overshadowed all other flavor elements. To the brand's credit, Great Value stays true to its name in terms of pricing, offering a four-pack of frozen breakfast croissant sandwiches for $5.17, making it just below $1.30 per sandwich. But in some cases, you get what you pay for, and the quality of these Great Value sandwiches leaves quite a bit to be desired.

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Are Any Of Great Value's Breakfast Sandwiches Worth Your Time?

Great Value breakfast croissant
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When Daily Meal tried Great Value's breakfast croissant, we opted for the sausage, egg, and American cheese option and were met with less than optimal results. However, the brand does offer a few other breakfast sandwich options, such as the bacon, egg, and cheese croissant, as well as two biscuit sandwiches with either sausage or bacon. Surely not all of the brand's breakfast sandwiches deserve to be ranked in last place. After researching product reviews and online discourse, however, Great Value may need to consider a massive overhaul concerning the quality of their freezer-friendly breakfast sandwiches.

On Walmart's website, the sausage, egg, and cheese croissant has an underwhelming 3.2 stars. One frustrated reviewer asked, "Where's the meat?" The customer claimed that the sausage, egg, and cheese croissant once tasted better with more substantially sized sandwich contents, but is now " thin, I don't know how it stays together and it tastes terrible." The biscuit sandwiches have an even lower rating average at 3.1 stars for the bacon biscuit and 2.8 for the sausage biscuit. Reviewers have highlighted that the sandwich "tastes terrible" and is "too expensive" for the quality. Some even claimed that their frozen biscuit sandwiches were missing an egg, which is arguably the most important part of a breakfast sandwich. Clearly, we at Daily Meal weren't the only ones to be let down by the Great Value breakfast sandwiches.

Hacks For Heating Up Store-Bought Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

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On Great Value's package of breakfast sandwiches, as well as in the product description on Walmart's website, it promises customers that it will take a minute and a half for the breakfast sandwich to heat up in the microwave. However, there is also a "preferred method" listed that advises consumers to heat the sandwich for 1.5 minutes on one side, then flip it and microwave for an extra minute, followed by a few minutes of cooling time before eating. Not only is this process more lengthy, but it also allows more time for the bread on your sandwich to dry out, and you may still be left with a frozen center. For a better cooking experience, try one of these breakfast sandwich hacks.

If you are using a microwave to prepare your frozen breakfast, try wrapping the sandwich in a damp paper towel before heating. This trick provides moisture that warms your sandwich evenly without any cold bites in the middle or extra hard bread on the outside. If you prefer the carbs on your sandwich to have that signature crunch, try making your breakfast sandwich in the air fryer. It is quick, easy, and will ensure the contents are cooked through without completely burning the bread or evaporating the cheese. If you have a little extra time, you can also reheat your frozen breakfast sandwich in the oven, just be sure to wrap it in tin foil for even cooking.

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