Two front yard fix ups that will add value to your home

Photo: Brent Wilson

Nothing improves the appeal of your home like a street view makeover. Even before you set foot through the front gate, the outside look creates an impression that carries inside, so it’s important to get it right.

You can do a little or a lot, but a modern picket fence, a stylish paved path and newly planted garden beds make for high-impact easy wins. So set aside a weekend and give your digs a whole new sense of style!


Smarten up your picket fence with a sleek and shiny letterbox. Follow this link for our how-to guide.

Photo: Brent Wilson


Lay out the welcome mat to your front door with a stylish paved path. Follow this link for our how-to guide.

Photo: Brent Wilson


Line your fence with colourful plants for a happy homecoming!

Plants or garden beds are ideal companions for a newly paved pathway. Here’s an easy way to build a garden bed:

  • Measure and mark the bed’s dimensions, then excavate 90mm of top soil.

  • Position a 90 x 90mm H4 treated pine rail inside the edge. At 1–1.2m intervals along timber, drive in a peg so that it sits just shy of the timber, then secure to timber with screws.

  • Plant up bed and backfill with improved soil mix. Mulch and water well.

Photo: Brent Wilson

Give these plants a go:

  • Gardenia,

  • Hardenbergia ‘Free ’n’ Easy’,

  • Viburnum tinus.