Fritos Just Released a New First-Of-Its-Kind Flavor, and I Tried It First

I'll take five more bags, please!

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

I swear, the minds over at Frito-Lay are constantly working. But, if that means we’ll continue getting things like Flamin’ Hot Thai Red Curry Doritos, Cheesy Garlic Bread Lay’s, and this new Fritos flavor, I’ll be the first to pour the R&D team a fresh cup of coffee.

Unlike with Doritos, Lay’s, and Cheetos, we don’t often see new flavors of Fritos. The salty corn chip is delicious as is—and its Honey BBQ Flavor Twists and Chili Cheese varieties check the rest of the boxes. Plus, if you really want to spice up a Frito, that’s where walking tacos and dips (like Hoda Kotb’s French onion dip combo) come into play.

Because Frito flavors seem so rare, whenever there’s a new one, I’m immediately stocking up. This time, especially, because Fritos is releasing a new, first-of-its-kind flavor of its beloved Flavor Twists. For the first time ever, Fritos is combining two fan-favorite flavors into one bag with its new Flavor Twists Flamin’ Hot Ranch.

Customers love the Flamin’ Hot Fritos sold year-round and begged so much for the Ranch Fritos to return that Frito-Lay finally brought them back as part of a collaboration with "Yellowstone" earlier this year. Now, in another pop culture collab, Fritos is giving its ‘90s favorite twisted chips an upgrade to coincide with the release of the new “Twisters” movie.

“Twisters” is the sequel to the 1996 film “Twister” following two storm-chasing teams into the belly of a tornado. Universal Pictures has teamed up with Fritos to release the newest chips—combining spicy Flamin’ Hot with cooling Ranch for a unique new flavor in the appropriately shaped twisted corn chip.

I tried the chips early and can honestly say they’re the best Fritos flavor to date.



Fritos is essentially taking two winning Frito-Lay flavors—Flamin’ Hot and Cool Ranch—and putting them together to create the gold medal of snacks. I already think the Flavor Twists are the best kind of Frito because the flavoring gets in all the crevices, and you have a crispy, crunchy, seasoned corn chip every time. Now, put the two flavors together, and it’s the perfect bite.

I liked eating both flavors together because you get the heat with the cooling aspect, but even by themselves, they’re delicious.

Unfortunately, there is a catch to these chips. They’re only available for a limited time via giveaway with “Twisters.” Beginning July 11, you can enter to win a bag—alongside “Twisters” merch and tickets to the movie—on Fritos’ Instagram.

They’re definitely worth entering the drawing for—and I’ll be the first to ask Fritos to bring this flavor to shelves nationwide.

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