Frisky Flamingo Interrupts Outdoor Yoga Class and Won’t Leave One Man Alone


Pets can make exercising difficult for parents to do at home. I know my dogs always like to lick my face or stand underneath me anytime I attempt a workout. Regardless of the attention they receive, they always want to join at the most inconvenient moment.

Now, imagine signing up for a serene yoga session in the Bahamas, only to find yourself in the company of a few unexpected guests-flamingos. One funny bird, as you'll see in the video from June 17, had a unique way of making its presence known, and it will leave you laughing!

This pretty bird needs to become more familiar with personal space! Sucheta (@suchetarawal) explains her husband was trying to enjoy a peaceful yoga workout while relaxing in the Bahamas. However, a feisty Flamingo had other plans. This long-legged bird honed in on him and relentlessly laid on those hugs and kisses. At least, let's hope he was being nice! Although I wouldn't have been able to maintain my composure, this man did a great job of staying in the zone. Perhaps he hoped this Flamingo would shower his wife with affection if he ignored these advances, but it simply wouldn't leave his side. However, the bird friend who accompanied him to class took position on an empty yoga mat, looking just like a human student. What a funny way to begin a day!

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Are Flamingos as Friendly as They Seem?

In general, these pink birds tend to leave humans alone. However, according to the National Audubon Society, they are highly social birds with each other. Besides being loyal to their chosen mates, they also forge long-lasting friendships. Researchers also found that some birds were true social butterflies, spending time with different groups of pals. Similar to humans, they also have rivals, and in these cases, they will avoid each other or may even show signs of aggression towards their foes.

This bird's antics entertained people! Viewer @tay.vee.ah responded, "This is a dedicated yoga instructor. He's going to correct your posture one way or another." Ha! That's for sure. Another person responded, "All fun and yoga until you get a pokey pokey in the ear." To this man's credit, he remained stoic through it all. Viewer @jayceebrooke__ remarked, "The one on the mat next to them, like -bro, what're you doing? Get back on your mat!" We all have that friend who can't stay focused.

Since Flamingos make lifelong friends, this man will surely see this bird again if he returns to the Bahamas. But rather than interrupting his exercise class, perhaps they can have an afternoon cocktail and snack instead.