Jennifer Aniston: Ross and Rachel would 'absolutely' still be together

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Friends fans have gotten a taste of where their favourite characters are today. Photo: NBC

Friends fans love nothing more than picturing their favourite TV characters living out their lives in today’s world.

Apart from downsizing both location and apartment size, nothing is certain when we try and guess at where our favourite five ended up.

How the group would fare in the world of smartphones and Tinder is hard enough to deduce, let alone imagine how their relationships have weathered the last 13 years.

Well now one mystery at least has been put to bed by none other than Rachel Green herself - Miss Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston had a quick response regarding Rachel's relationship status. Photo: NBC

In a recent interview the veteran actress and Friends alumni opened up about her thoughts on Rachel and Ross’ relationship, and whether the two lovebirds would still be whistling each other’s tunes today.

Though she was promoting her new Netflix film Murder Mystery with co-star Adam Sandler, she still took the time to share her Central Perk insights with fans.

She revealed that Ross and Rachel would ‘absolutely’ still be together when asked how she thought the relationship would have turned out.

She added that the pair’s daughter Emma would now be in high-school, though she seemed fuzzy on her on-screen daughter’s age.

Emma would in fact turn 17 this year, and we all just took another step towards the grave.

A reunion in the works?

While fans still hold out hope that a Friends reunion may one day eventuate, nothing definite has been confirmed.

There is a sliver of hope for die-hard fans however, as the actress recently revealed she would be on board for a reunion while speaking on Ellen.

“Listen, I would do it!” she said when Ellen asked about a potential follow up.

“The girls would do it and the boys would do it, I’m sure. Anything can happen.”

Don’t uncross your fingers yet kids, Rachel’s on the case.

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