Give French Toast A Caribbean Twist With Coco Bread

tropical french toast on plates
tropical french toast on plates - Maslova Valentina/Shutterstock

French toast is the ultimate decadent dish when you want to indulge in a leisurely weekend brunch. In addition to switching out the milk for cream, one of our top tips for making the absolute best French toast includes experimenting with different kinds of bread. Enter Jamaica's coco bread, which one might compare to Hawaiian sweet rolls, but with a denser texture.

Whipping up a batch of French toast is a great way to familiarize yourself with coco bread, which originated in Jamaica but is frequently enjoyed all over the Caribbean islands. Like traditional American yeast breads, coco bread is a starchy delight with a base of flour, sugar, salt, yeast, milk, and butter. Of course, what makes Jamaican coco bread unique is the use of coconut milk, which leaves a subtle coconut flavor throughout. On the islands, the bread is often stuffed with savory ingredients like salted fish, beef patties, or cheddar cheese, but its flavor profile also makes it an excellent candidate for sweet dishes.

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Explore A Range Of Sweet Flavor Combos In Your French Toast

Top view of french toast with fruit
Top view of french toast with fruit - Anna Shkuratova/Shutterstock

To truly tap into the Caribbean vibe of coco bread, the first flavor combo that comes to mind is the tropical piña colada. We recommend coconut macadamia french toast, which incorporates coconut milk in the batter, features a texturally pleasing coconut macadamia crust, and is topped off with pineapple chunks. Truly, any type of fruit goes well with coconut, so you can feel free to experiment based on whatever you're craving at the time. Maybe that's strawberries and cream french toast, or maybe you want to take a cue from Martha Stewart and add a burst of orange flavor.

You know what else goes great with coconut? Chocolate. So maybe you want to try Nutella French toast or simply top your own classic French toast recipe with a sprinkle of dark chocolate shavings. Coco bread is traditionally filled with all sorts of items, so trying some of our best ingredients to stuff French toast with is a natural variation. Perhaps lemon curd for a bit of tangy contrast, or nut butter for extra richness. And remember, coco bread goes great with savory ingredients, too, so don't shy away from that bacon!

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