This New Freezer Find Gives You Restaurant-Style Wings At Home

And they’re perfect for the air fryer!



Even if you love cooking with fresh ingredients, there are times when freezer staples can be a real meal saver. Whether it’s because you’re short on time or simply want a hassle-free dinner, freezer foods are an excellent choice to keep on hand. And it doesn’t have to be boring; you can cook and freeze your favorite foods or check out the ever-growing section at the grocery store.

Retailers like Trader Joe’s always have a great selection of frozen staples, like bubble waffles and mini shrimp bao. Aldi stays stocked with a long list of frozen favorites, including pizza and ravioli. These shortcuts can break up monotony and save you time in the kitchen.

If you’re a fan of chicken wings, you know that cooking them is a process. Regardless of the method, getting them crispy takes time. Oven-baked wings take nearly an hour to cook, deep-fried wings can be messy, and if you want to use a tangy pickle brine, you can expect it to be a few hours before you bite into a flavorful drumette.

But the good news is that our newest frozen find is perfect for those needing a late-night snack or party food favorite without the hassle of making it from scratch.

Tyson’s New Restaurant Style Crispy Wings

In a recent press release, Tyson announced its newest product: Restaurant Style Crispy Wings. Tyson created the dry rub-coated chicken wings with families in mind, and they come in three flavors: Rotisserie Seasoned (Original), Garlic Parmesan, and Caribbean Style.



Beyond the flavor, the wings are convenient for busy schedules. They are fully cooked, so they need only be heated and crisped. Each 16-ounce bag contains a mix of flat wings and drumettes, equalling about 3.5 servings. The package lists directions for the oven and air fryer, making it easier to whip up a batch.

In addition to Restaurant Style Crispy Wings, Tyson has released a new boneless option. Tyson Honey Chicken Bites are hitting shelves as the brand continues to see a rise in the popularity of honey-flavored frozen products.

Restaurant Style Crispy Wings and Honey Chicken Bites are available at select retailers. 

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