Free help website run only by users named Trevor

Trevor Cunningham
Trevor Cunningham said the websites purpose was to show Trevor's are intelligent [BBC]

A Trevor from Torquay in Devon hopes to rectify his name which he says has been given a bad reputation with a free help website.

Trevor Cunningham said the name had been used for characters in TV shows and movies who are "geeks" or "nitwits".

To rebrand Trevor's across the world, Mr Cunningham has set up a website called Ask Trev - bringing together Trevors with an array of "experience, wisdom and skills".

Around 130 people across the world named Trevor are part of the website, with a "main purpose" to reclaim the name.

Mr Cunningham said: "The main purpose saw the origin of the website came about because I felt that the name Trevor had been maligned somewhat for a long time and in other words abused too many times.

"I thought one day I'm going to fix this - I've got to try and rebrand my name and make it a force for good."

Trevor Townsend
Trevor Townsend from Canada thinks the website is "a fantastic idea" [BBC]

Trevor Townsend, wealth advisor and member of the Ask Trev community from Canada, said it was "a fantastic idea" to "give something back to other people".

He said: "We have a renaissance Trevor over in the UK doing Yeoman work to enhance our name around the world, but also to help people.

"I do it as a way to help people altruistically, nothing back, I just pass it forward to somebody else - in the name of Trevor."

Trevor's in the group work as consultant neurologists, electricians and teachers.

"The one thing I don't have is a vet - so if we can get a vet that'll be wonderful," Mr Cunningham added.

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