Freak wave causes hilarious photo fail

Allison Yee

There’s nothing better than going on holiday and making everyone back home jealous when you post epic snaps of you living your best life.

But one woman’s pursuit of the perfect beach photo has backfired spectacularly after Mother Nature refused to play ball.

Instagram user saraartuso shared the clip of herself on holidays in the Bahamas, rocking a tiny black bikini and posing in a blow hole to get the perfect shot.

Sara was posing for a beach snap when a blow hole went rogue. Photo: Instagram/saraartuso

The first wave shoots up to create an incredible shower of water, with Sara looking like she’s absolutely loving it as she raises her arms to enjoy the spray.

But all of a sudden that spray turns into a deluge and Sara completely disappears from view as a torrent of water comes raining down on her, taking her out and leaving her sprawled on the rocks.

One freak wave later and Sara is left scrambling. Photo: Instagram/saraartuso
Not exactly the beach snap Sara had in mind... Photo: Instagram/saraartuso

Needless to say, the video has gone viral on social media as a ‘what not to do’ with Sara managing to joke about the situation after posting the clip online.

Sara did manage to share some more Insta-worthy snaps of her Bahamas trip. Photo: Instagram/saraartuso

“Go in the blow hole they said,” she captioned the vid. “It'll be fun they said."

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