Frasier Recap: Three’s a Crowd as Frasier and Freddy Fight Over a Blind Date

Frasier always loved a classic French farce, and this week’s episode serves up a juicy one as Frasier and Freddy both agree to go out on blind dates — only they’re not sure who’s dating who. (Or “whom,” as Frasier would annoyingly point out.)

Frasier is happy with how his new life in Boston is going, but he still jumps at the chance when Eve offers to set him up on a blind date with a friend of hers. Freddy has his doubts about Eve as a matchmaker, but Eve points out that he always finds tiny flaws in the girls he dates. Frasier suggests he may be afraid of being emotionally vulnerable — he is a shrink, after all — and Freddy takes that as a challenge, so he agrees to let Eve set him up, too. What could go wrong? Well…

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Frasier sets the mood for his blind date by putting on light classical music, and he opens the door to meet June, played by Grace and Frankie’s June Diane Raphael. They hit it off right away, with her admiring his designer pillows and choice in music. But when Frasier ducks into the kitchen, Freddy returns home late from a softball game, and he and June bond over their love of the Red Sox and greasy food. So is June here to date Frasier, or Freddy? Frasier gets her a glass of red wine and tells her he’s making osso buco, while Freddy suggests Italian for dinner, and they even both fetch her a glass of water. It takes them a minute before they both realize… they’re both dating the same woman.

Frasier Episode 6 Freddy June Frasier
Frasier Episode 6 Freddy June Frasier

They try to call Eve to ask who June is here to date, but she’s busy performing in a terrible play that Alan and Olivia are forced to endure. And at this point, it’s too awkward to ask June herself, so they try to suss it out through context clues: June admires Frasier’s art, so she’s an aesthete like him, but she also played softball at Columbia, so she’s an athlete like Freddy. Frasier tells Freddy to sit next to him on the couch, so then “the one she sits next to is the one she likes.” They also ask June about her celebrity crushes, and she names Liam Hemsworth… but also Kevin Costner. And when she gets to the couch, she sits right between them!

Frasier and Freddy bicker in the kitchen, with Freddy insisting that Frasier is too long in the tooth for a woman like June. He also brags to June about his tight relationship with his dad, showing off his emotional vulnerability. Frasier counters by insisting he loves to play laser tag for fun (ha!) to highlight his youthful side. There’s a knock at the door, and Frasier and Freddy think it could be their other blind date — and Frasier is horrified when he sees a crotchety old woman who tells him, “Eve says you’ve got what I need.” But she’s just babysitting Eve’s kid and looking for milk, and Frasier quickly hustles her out of there before returning to June’s side. He and Freddy agree to a truce, but then Freddy turns up his dad’s pot of osso buco to a boil to sabotage his dinner.

Frasier Episode 6 Siobhan
Frasier Episode 6 Siobhan

Finally, we get an answer when Freddy overhears June on the phone: She was here to date Freddy, but after meeting Frasier, “I might be more into him,” she tells her friend. A humbled Freddy tells Frasier what he overheard, blaming himself for his commitment issues. He even offers to step aside… but then there’s another knock at the door. Frasier prepares to politely turn away his date, but he opens the door to find Siobhan, a beautiful opera singer. She even brought him a bottle of sherry! Frasier tries to scheme a way to date both women, offering to buy Freddy a big-screen TV if he takes June out to dinner tonight… but June and Siobhan overhear them plotting. They’re disgusted by his behavior, and they decide to go get a drink together, but Frasier stops them before they leave to confirm: “You both wanted me?” Well, yeah, they did, but the past tense is key here, Dr. Crane.

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