New Fox graphics package for Super Bowl LIV earns mixed reviews from fans

Fox's new graphics package surprised fans in the early moments of Super Bowl LIV on Sunday. (AP/Charlie Riedel)

With all eyes on the network for the biggest game of the year, Fox broke out its new graphics package for Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, gracing fans watching the game at home with a new scoreboard and down-and-distance markers.

While many welcomed the change, it didn’t go over well with everyone.

Fox moved its scoreboard bug to the bottom-middle of the screen, with both the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs’ scores sitting above the time and down-and-distance info rather than in one long bar. It added the down-and-distance overlay to the field, too, similar to how TNT adds the shot clock onto the court for NBA games.

The network also broke out a new touchdown graphic on Sunday.

The changes surprised fans in the opening minutes of the game, and generated mixed reactions. Some loved the update and want it to become the new permanent graphic next season, while others, well, weren’t as happy.

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