The four things Kate Middleton always carries in her handbag

Olivia Morris
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It’s the place where us women cart around our entire lives – our handbags.

Fish through them and you’ll probably find plenty of lip balms, tampons, gum, a purse/card holder and a slew of old receipts among other miscellaneous treasures.

But while carrying our handbags around can be a hefty workout for some of us, that isn’t the case for the Duchess of Cambridge.

What exactly does the Duchess of Cambridge carry in her clutch bags? Source: Getty

Kate Middleton carries just four items in her handbag (or in her case a clutch) – yes that’s right, four.

Of course, being the savvy royal she is, all four items are very practical, according to Marcia Moody, author of Kate: A Biography, published in 2013.

Spoiler alert: there are no old receipts in sight.

The first item the 36-year-old carries is a compact mirror – very practical indeed. We all need to be able to check how we look from time-to-time, especially if you’re on camera as often as Kate is. Also, just to check those eyebrows are on fleek.

Kate Middleton only carries four items on her and they’re all very practical. Source: Getty

She also always has a lip balm on her – no chapped lips for this Duchess – and some trusty blotting paper.

And the final item is… a handkerchief.

We have one question though: where is her phone?

How on earth does she capture all the cute and candid moments of her three children George, Charlotte and baby Louis? Or the simple pleasures of taking a selfie?

But perhaps her four item rule is only for offical engagements.

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